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Tracyvets.com offers Pet Vaccinations
for both dogs and cats here in Tracy CA.
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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: this is a question pet owners ask us quite often. The short answer to the question is a resounding YES! Since our pets cannot make their own decisions, it’s up to us to keep them safe and healthy. One way to this is to ensure they get all the vaccinations they need. Here are three reasons why vaccinations are so important.

1. Some pet owners claim their pets rarely, if ever, leave the home, so why should they need vaccinations? Even if your pet never goes outside, they still need to be protected from life-threatening diseases. Why? Many of these diseases are airborne and your pet could become infected even through an open window. Your pet could also escape and be exposed that way. No matter how safely protected you believe they are, proper vaccination is critical.

2. Another question we are often asked is “Does my pet really need to be vaccinated every year?” Short answer: yes. It’s true that some animals may hold their immunity for more than a year, but we have no way of knowing which pets will or will not be protected beyond our recommended one year time frame for vaccinations.

3. Owners also ask us about the potentially destructive effects of vaccinations on their pets. Take a human example: years ago polio and smallpox ravaged populations, killing countless people and crippling even more. As a result of vaccines, those diseases are all but eradicated. For most pets there are absolutely no harmful side effects from their vaccinations. However, think of the harm and agony your pet would experience should it contract parvovirus or distemper. Also rabies: as we know from human experience, death from rabies is horrific, inflicting suffering beyond belief on those who contract it.

The bottom line is that vaccinations are essential to help your pet live a long and healthy life.
We here at Paws & Claws want to ensure that your pet lives a happy and disease-free life. Call today for an appointment.

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